2023 Mendocino Open Paint Out • MOPO update

The Mendocino Open Paint Out (Plein Air festival) will be Sept 18 to 23, Monday through Saturday. Best to arrive Sunday and settle in to your motel. Some spaces at the art center. Many motels and hotels. I will send a comprehensive list after you register. Prices from $90 to hundreds per night. Reserve early for the best places for you.  I will also give you a list of all restaurants in the area with their hours and locations/prices etc.

We have a late start precipitated by MAC financial restructure which unfortunately started wild rumors about closing. The MOPO is the single biggest boost to their profits with $20,000 sales last year of your paintings. Certainly the best event to demonstrate what their purpose is. It will happen and I will promise you the best ever.  

I will be in the southwest painting until MAY but then will have full attention on MOPO. Meanwhile send me questions on this site if you need to and I will reply ASAP. So many of you come to this and look forward to it that I couldn’t let it go. I am spending thousands of my own art business profits on this!! (I spend all of my art business profits on charity).  So sign up now!!!

$235 this year. you know inflation and all! Still a small part of the total cost of lodging and food you will pay. We provide free dinner Monday and outrageously good muffins every morning. Likely your car gas bill that high also!

I will be attending the Lost Sierra Paint Out in Quincy on May 20 to 27 also. One of my first workshops was there by Jade Fon so it is nostalgic.  

My Albion Group paint out is full for August 6 to 11, sorry.

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