Artist Bio

My first meaningful experience in art came in high school when the department head in art at Pacific Union College Vernon Nye did a demonstration watercolor which piqued my interests had been science and history. I chose a career as an Emergency Physician allowing time to persue other interests concurrently. As interest grew into passion, I studied art 6 weeks a year for the next twenty years with all the greats in watercolor of that time. Millard Sheets became a friend and mentor. George Post likewise to a smaller degree. Brief encounters with Rex Brandt, Morris Graves, Tom Nicholas, Frank Webb, and many others occured. As my skills accrued, I was asked  teach at College of the Redwoods and later Pacific Union College at the request of Mr Nye. Of course I worked it in!

Retired now from Medical career completely, I am devoting full tme to painting. I enjoy teaching  and recieve excellent reviews indoing so, so I now teach and lead several workshops yearly in Europe as well as the USA. FOr many years Ientered the usual competitions and rolled up over 130 such shows before discontinuing most of them which can be viewed on this site. Most notably I am Watercolor Honor Society member which consists of major show winners nationally. As transparent watercolor landscape plein air devotee I also treasure my signature Transparent Watercolor Society signature membership earned many years back.

In 2013 I started with the Mendocino Art Center, the Mendocino Open Paint Out which has grown into a major art event on the west coast in a few short years. My goal is to make Mendocino an arts destination like it was nearly 100 years back at the birth  of the 'California Style' of painting. I have become of the opinion that outdoor painting is being given little notice in most of the "society" shows and this event I hope will help retain the relevance of direct outdoor work as the basis of all landscape.

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