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2016 Watercolor Magazine feature best paintings of 2015

2015 Watercolor USA            Kenneth M. Schuck $3000 Memorial Award Best of Show

2014 Louisiana Watercolor Society Aqueous

2014 Mendocino Art Center open

2013 Mendocino Art Center Open, Juror John Fisher, 1st Prize

2012 Kentucky Watercolor Society, Juror; Ted Nuttal

2012 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Juror; Skip Lawrence

2011 National Watercolor Society; Juror: Marciano Martine

2011 Mendocino Art Center Open

2011 Philadelphia Watercolor Society

2011 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

2010 Bold Expressions

2010 Mendocino Art Center; Juror: Bob Rhoads

2010 Expressions West – “Annagasson”; Juror: Kevan Kadar

2010 Gualala Art Center – “Headands”; Juror: Lucinda Barnes

2010 Louisianna Watercoor Society – “Day Off”; Juror: Soon Warren

2010 Georgia Watercolor Society – “Red Poppies”; Juror: Judy Morris

2010 Illinois Watercolor Society – “Noyo Night”; Juror: Peggy Zalucha

2010 Watercolor West – “Wave Action”; Juror: Frank Francese

2009 National Watercolor Society; Juror: Brad Faegre

2009 California Watercolor Association – “Buckhorn Cove”; Juror: John Salmenin

2009 Watercolor West – “Little River”; Juror: Scott Moore

2009 Mendocino Art Center

2008 Mendocino Art Center

2007 National Watercolor Society members show

2007 California Watercolor Association; St Cuthbert´s Mill Award

2007 Watercolor West Juror: Chris Van Winkle

2007 Mendocino Art Center Open; Juror: John Fisher

2006 Watercolor West; Juror: Barbara Nechis; Honorable Mention

2006 Alaska Watercolor Society

2006 Morro Bay Art Society; Jack Richeson Merchandise Award $200

2006 San Diego Watercolor Society; Juror: Frank Francese

2006 Mendocino Art Center Open; Frederick’s Art Supply award, selected for traveling show 2005

2005 Kentucky Watercolor Society; Juror: Gerald Brommer

2004 Allied Arts; Juror: Rie Palkovic

2004 Texas Watercolor Society; Juror: Margaret Martin AWS; Strathmore Artist Papers Award

2004 Kentucky Watercolor Society; Juror: Mary Whyte AWS

2004 Rhode Island Watercolor Society; Juror: Frank Francese

2004 Bold Expressions; Juror: Cynthia Hurley

2004 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society; Second Award Oil Painting

2004 Society of Western Artists; Juror: Dean Dallin

2004 Taos National Exhibition of Watercolor; Juror: Louise Cadillac

2004 Pittsburgh Watercolor Society

2004 Adirondacks National; Juror: Charles Reid

2004 Transparent Watercolor Society of America; signature status TWS on the basis of this acceptance

2004 Texas Watercolor Society

2003 Mississippi Watercolor Society; Juror: Frank Francese

2003 Rhode Island Watercolor Society; Juror: Tom Francesconi

2003 Kentucky Watercolor Society ; Juror: Pat Dews; Silver Medal

2003 Watercolor Society of Eastern Washington; Juror: Don Getz

2003 Marin County Fair

2003 Society of Western Artists Annual; Second Award Watercolor

2003 Arizona Watercolor Society; Juror: Donna Watson; signature member of PWS on the basis of this show

2003 Pennsylvania Watercolor Society; Juror: Maxine Masterfield

2003 Midwest Watercolor Society

2002 Arizona Watercolor Society

2002 Eastern Washington Watercolor Society; Juror: Don Getz; Silver Award

2002 Society of Western Artists; Second Award Watercolor; Daniel Smith and International Artist Magazine Award

2002  Midwest Watercolor Society

2002  Philadelphia Watercolor Society

2002  Society of Western Artists First & Second Watercolor, First Oil

2002  California Watercolor Association; Juror: Arne Westerman

2002 Period Gallery, Omaha Nebraska; Juror: Larry Bradshaw

2002  Wyoming Watercolor Society; Second Prize

2002  Louisiana Watercolor Society; Juror: Henry Caselli

2002  North Valley Art League (Two paintings accepted)

2001  San Diego Watercolor Society

2001  Western Colorado Watercolor Society; Juror: M Douglas Walton

2001  Bold Expressions (Northern California Arts, Inc.); Juror: Ken Waterstreet

2001  Rhode Island Watercolor Society

2001  Kentucky Watercolor Society; Juror: Cheng-Khee Chee

2001  North Valley Art League (Two paintings accepted)

2001  Wyoming Watercolor Society; Presidents Award

2001  Society of Western Artists; Best of Show

2001  Louisiana Watercolor Society; Selected for year long traveling show tour of Texas.

2001  Texas Watercolor Society; Juror: Domenic DeStefano; Honorable Mention

2000  Period Gallery, Omaha NE

2000  North Valley Art League

2000  Pittsburgh Watercolor Society; Juror: Skip Lawrence; Aquamedia Award

2000  Northwest Watercolor Society; Merchandise Award

2000  Kentucky Watercolor Society

2000  Georgia Watercolor Society; Juror: Gerald Brommer; Merit Award

2000  Arizona Watercolor Society; Juror: Dan Burt; Merchandise Award

2000  Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

2000  Pittsburgh Watercolor Society; Juror: Nita Engle; Merchandise Award

2000  Pikes Peak Watercolor Society (two entries); Juror: Judy Betts

1999 Society of Western Artists; Second Award Watercolor

1999 Mississippi Grand National Watercolor Society Exhibition

1999  Alabama Watercolor Society

1999  Rhode Island Watercolor Society; Juror: Janet Walsh; Honorable Mention

1999  Houston Watercolor Society

1999  Northwest Watercolor Society; Juror: Dean Mitchell; Winsor Newton Award

1999  Mississippi Watercolor Society

1998  Alabama Watercolor Society

1998  Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society; Juror: Michael Schlicting; Honorable Mention

1997  Florida Arts Council ;  Panama City, FL

1997  North Valley Art League

1997  Montana Watercolor Society

1996  Eastern Washington Watercolor Society

1996  Florida Arts Council, Panama City FL; Juror: Frank Webb

1996  North Valley Art League; Juror: Donald Putman; Honorable Mention

1995  Pennsylvania Watercolor Society

1995  La Grange XIX, GA

1995  Northwest Watercolor Society, Seattle, WA

1995  North Valley Art League

1995  Eastern Washington Watercolor Society

1994  North Valley Art League, Redding CA

1994 Georgia Watercolor Society

1990 Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society; Dr and Mrs Michael Hess Award

1989  Florida Arts Council (2 entries accepted); Juror: Frank Webb

1988  Georgia Watercolor Society

1988  North Platte Art Guild

1987  Mississippi Watercolor Society

1987  Midwest Watercolor Society

1987  Adirondacks National Watercolor Society

1986  Colorado Watercolor Society

1986  North Platte Art Guild

1986  Texas Watercolor Society

1986   Midwest Watercolor Society

1985  West Coast Watercolor and Drawing Survey, Eureka, CA

1985   West Coast on/of Paper Competition, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA; Honorable Mention

1985 West Texas Watercolor Society , Lubbock, TX; Juror: Millard Sheets

1985   Jade Fon Asilomar Annual Competition; Purchase Award

1984   Jade Fon Asilomar Annual Competition; Second Place Award

1984   Ink People Studios Juried Competition, Eureka, CA

1983   Redwood Art  Association Annual, Eureka, CA

1982   Redwood Art Association Annual, Eureka, CA