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YOSEMITE Aug 13-25, 2018

GREECE Sept 25 to Oct 19, 2018   $4,000 all expenses after your flight. this will be second trip. (2017 hugely successful) FULL  

GREECE 2019 June 4-25  Greek Islands $4500 per (all expenses) Rhodes,  Patmos, Lesbos, and others. includes all costs, lodging, fees, transportation and tips. breakfast and dinner included. Contact me for brochure. a Side trip to Ephesus‍‍‍ in Turkey for a day trip. Visit the world premier underwater archeology museum.

SCOTLAND 2019 Sept 28- Oct 5 , $1000 to $1200 depends depends on exchange rate. Stay in Sir Walter Scott's castle on the river Tweed. Includes breakfast at the castle.  Google Abbotsford castle for photos. We have complete access to the castle and grounds. many rooms and lounges and painting places if rain. Large gardens, meadows with cattle grazing under ancient beech trees. Nearby lakes, hills and charming towns where we share dinners at modest prices for the quality. Less than 2 hours from Edinburgh. A very friendly staff who were very pleased to have artists present as Sir Walter stated in his will he wanted his castle to be available for artists.  A castle like this would cost over $4000 per person otherwise.



Sept 17 to 23, 2018 (2017 our most successful ever.) Join the party! Google us!

Crescent City/Redwood National Park Sept 3-8. 2018


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